Something is rotten in the State of Denmark (or the vegan activism swamp in this case!)

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This is a sad story about a small band of egoistical narcissists who think that they are achieving something and changing the world, whilst also managing to cultivate celebrity (in the weird small vegan world) and making a good living. It is also the story of a powerful investor who hides in the shadows and built an industry.

This is an unfair question to ask anyone who isn’t interested in the web of vegan charities and not-for-profits through which people move through and make a good living for themselves, but never mind….. What do all these organisations (and individuals) have in common?

  • AV
  • Animal SAVE Movement
  • Joey Carbstrong
  • Earthling Ed
  • James Aspey
  • Matthew Glover
  • Million Dollar Vegan
  • Veganuary

The answer is that this is a carefully constructed network of organisations and people. This network all shares one thing in common. They are funded (and heavily so) by someone that is never named.

This person is only ever referred to as a donor who wants to remain anonymous and that the organisations and people receiving his money respect that right. His name is never mentioned by the people in receipt of his money….and yet everyone knows (sort of) who is is.

What do I know about this person?

I know they have VERY deep pockets. I know they are located in the US. They have successful business ventures behind them. They have been a serial entrepreneur. I know they are a man.

This person has essentially created an entire network of organisations that achieve nothing. He has invested in narcissists. In egotists. In control freaks. In people with no leadership or management skills. No understanding of corporate governance. No understanding of nurturing, developing, mentoring and coaching.

What has he offered to these people and organisation on my list above other than money? Nothing. No support. no development. No best practice. For someone who is apparently so successful in business isn’t this odd behaviour?

So, why has this very successful man built a structure — no an entire INDUSTRY that is a failure? This is the bit that I can’t answer. I don’t know. But it seems really weird. And no one talks about this. No one talks about the fact that this man isn’t a ‘donor’, he is the sugar daddy, a venture capitalist, a private equity investor — he is not a ‘donor’. He could turn this all off tomorrow. The organisations listed above get significant cash — in total millions of dollars a year. I know this man has been investing and funding for multiple years — at least five. that makes his total investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars. There is no contract that sits aside this money. There are no objectives. There are no metrics. There is no definition of success.


I know. You want me to prove my point about failure. Here it is.

How can I say that this massive well funded bunch of organisations achieve nothing? These organisations work across 70 countries. They have 1000s of volunteers. They have loads of followers on IG, Twitter and FB. They go out and yell and berate and degrade random strangers on the street. They feed people vegan food. They share images of slaughtered pigs and cows. They rage about the inhumanity of the Chinese and the South Koreans and the evils of torturing and eating dogs. They sign people up to go vegan in January but then provide no meaningful data analysis on retention and recidivism.

Nothing. None of this achieves anything. How do I know? Because the number of vegans in the last 20 years worldwide is essentially unchanged. The evidence base is weak, but the best guess is that about 1 to 3 percent of the world is vegan (using a global white western view and definition of veganism). Again, I hear the cries — no, 6 percent of the U.S. is vegan Richard — you are lying. Okay…maybe. The evidence base is (as I said) weak. There is maybe one study that supports that with lots of ‘news’ stories reporting this ‘fact’ from one another. And I said the world…and I said over 20 years.


After all this time and money spent what has this venture capitalist achieved? What do I see as I look at this? I see harm that being caused right now as organisations that are all dedicated to the same aim — Veganism (with a sprinkle of Animal Rights and Liberation) — attack each other and fall on one another like wolves. And I’m left with questions.


  1. Why is this venture capitalist so shy?
  2. Are they really an individual?
  3. Do they front a collection of organisations and individuals who pool their money?
  4. If they do, who is this group made up of?
  5. Is any of this money traceable back to the animal farming industry?
  6. Is this person as authentically ‘kind’ as they present?
  7. Are they using the old handbook of creating rival organisations and promoting a cult of celebrity to deliberately ferment chaos and in-fighting?
  8. Are they using tactics that the tobacco industry successfully used for years to sabotage anti-smoking campaigns?
  9. Are they using lessons from the FBI COUNTERINTEL campaign that was largely successful in destroying the Black Civil Rights movement?
  10. Have they learned the lessons of how to stop the left-wing from becoming too successful? Left-wing politics is notorious for preferring to fall on itself than actually achieve any meaningful left-wing government.
  11. Why promote so many white saviours of the animals?
  12. Why build a cult of celebrity vegans?
  13. Should I be wearing tinfoil and talking about flat earth, the perils of 5G and how evil vaccines (and Bill Gates) are?

Want to watch this rather than read this? Go watch this Cranky Vegan video which goes through this far more cleverly than I do!

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